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Tap, tap, tap tap tap.

Voices that echoes and
words that yearn.
Restless is the word
when hear the sound of whispers.
Crying to be released,
freedom is what it seeks.
Hear the tapping on the digits
as it move with your heartbeat,
and play the words in the light before you.
Let not failure take over
or the nights will be long and fretful.
Do not fear of the future,
just let it speak out for you.
Let it whisper in your ear,
with open arms embrace it,
and let your fingers dance
with the melody of the moment.
Let it be released
to fullfil the passion,
and sleep in serenity.
Until the feeling of today dies down,
For tomorrow is a future,
and it will speak in a foreign language,
and beat to a different sound.

Tap, tap, tap tap tap.