I was about to say that I am back blogging in wordpress but I found myself lost, completely lost.

I’m trying again to learn how things work; how to post, how to view and how to change settings!

This sudden urge to learn my way around here began when I decided to write a personal and controversial (WARNING: EXTREME SUBJECTIVITY BEYOND THIS POINT) entries.

So, dear readers, if your looking for a good laugh — don’t hack these private entries!!!



Introducing Chichi


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Meet Chichi, he’s a 3 year old prince type shih tzu!

Kinda like he’s praying or something. hahaha (=^__^=)



This is what you call boredom.



Corset gown & Rupert Everett


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On this squeaking corridor,

I saw your wooden door slightly ajar.

Your shirt clutched your slim body

like the corset gown I’ve worn during my prom night.

It illuminated your shoulders like Rupert Everett

as you heave in your sleep.

And when the clicking sound of metal knob echoes.

With haste,

I shut my door with a vibrating thud.

~*~ 2008-ish


A Happy Halloween!


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Greetings from me
and the souls that roam free!

Reminding you to
speak to the living
and don’t wait til they depart.
Offer your prayers,

and pardon those who passed
because regret can hunt you,
more terrifying than the thought
of the dead chasing you.

A heartbeat is a miracle,
and treat a day as special.
So don’t waste even a second
and wait til it’s down to none.


A Pre-Birthday Rant: Selfishness of a Birthday Celebrant


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Just learned today that on Oct. 3, tomorrow, the unjust and unreasonable Philippine CyberCrime Law ( Republic Act 10175) will take effect.

One continuous yell from mankind to protest and deliver their distress for this law, and one continuous cry from me on my sour birthday celebration.

I do object our Philippine Cybercrime Law especially on libel. I want to continuously use my critical thinking, and to criticize people’s faults and follies without having to receive a lawsuit the following day.

One way to address the Filipinos’ cry of protest is to change their profile picture, in their active social networking websites like Facebook and twitter, into the absence of color. I expect, from a democratic country like mine, that people will deliver their discontent through this and other means possible.

I would very much like to join the rally against this unforgiving law, but my unreasonable and fickle nature advice me to be selfish.

Birthday comes once a year, excluding how disastrous your past celebration was. If you know me personally and share an intimate friendship, you’ll understand how dreadful my past birthdays had been; while for those who know me anonymously, give sympathy to my untold story.

Until this very day, I still refuse to acknowledge that my birthday is cursed with tears.

Having this dreadful birthdays in the past, I expect a flawless and cheerful birthdays in the future. However, wicked fate might steal another joyful birthday laughter from me and add it to its gloomy collection.

Black seems a depressing way to celebrate ones special day; my birthday comes once a year and I also know how important it is to join the anti-cyber crime law force but I believe I have the right to be selfish so I have decided to leave the rally against the Filipino Cybercrime Law in the hands of people who are not
celebrating their birthdays.

A way to remedy the situation and bind both, a less mournful birthday and the protest on the cyber crime law, is to temporarily remove myself in any forms of social network tomorrow.

Questions remain unanswered, how am I suppose to do that. Can I survive without having to peak in my Facebook wall and notification.

We’ll see….



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Tap, tap, tap tap tap.

Voices that echoes and
words that yearn.
Restless is the word
when hear the sound of whispers.
Crying to be released,
freedom is what it seeks.
Hear the tapping on the digits
as it move with your heartbeat,
and play the words in the light before you.
Let not failure take over
or the nights will be long and fretful.
Do not fear of the future,
just let it speak out for you.
Let it whisper in your ear,
with open arms embrace it,
and let your fingers dance
with the melody of the moment.
Let it be released
to fullfil the passion,
and sleep in serenity.
Until the feeling of today dies down,
For tomorrow is a future,
and it will speak in a foreign language,
and beat to a different sound.

Tap, tap, tap tap tap.


Writing, Poem by Charles Bukowski

Silver Birch Press


Photo Credit: Charles Bukowski (1988) © Joan Gannij, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. For prints of this photo, visit the photographer at her website here. Postcards of the above image are available at Skylight Books in Los Angeles and at City Lights Books in San Francisco.



Poem by Charles Bukowski

often it is the only 
between you and 
no drink, 
no woman’s love, 
no wealth 
match it. 
nothing can save 
it keeps the walls 
the hordes from 
closing in. 
it blasts the 
writing is the 
the kindliest 
god of all the 
writing stalks 
it knows no 
and writing 
at itself, 
at pain. 
it is the last 
the last 
what it 


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The Hunting


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I’m searching;
Searching  for a place where I can hide,
A place where you can’t find.
One day you will notice

that I belong to a different place.
How loud is your call,
How painful is your cry,
Those will remain unheard in the passing of time.

Everything I hold dear
Should slowly disappear
For if I cling to it
The sorrow won’t heal.

It’s better if I let those days pass
And start to forget the past.
And time must take
All my memories away.

So I shall start
This new life I have
And build new memories
Until one day,
My former life
Hunts my very being.